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21 Nisan 2016 Perşembe

MOMMYS BIG SECRET :) in SnoopaVision


Little Boy Trying to Break Board in Taekwondo in SnoopaVision

Soccer Head Butt Through Plastic in SnoopaVision

Webcam 101 for Seniors in SnoopaVision

When a Silverback Attacks in SnoopaVision

19 Nisan 2016 Salı

Top 5 Viral Pictures of 1911

YouTube Copyright School

YouTube Rewind 2010: Year in Review

YouTube Answers: YouTube Worldwide

Introducing the New YouTube Mobile Website

YouTube Leanback

Editing in the cloud: Meet the YouTube Video Editor

YouTube Answers: Partnerships

Moderator on YouTube

Take a tour of the new video page

This Is YouTube

YouTube 101: Sharing Videos

YouTube 101: How to Find What's Hot on YouTube

YouTube 101: Subscriptions

YouTube Safety Mode Demo

YouTube 101: Customizing Your Homepage

YouTube 101: Search & Browse

18 Nisan 2016 Pazartesi

YouTube 101: Creating Playlists

YouTube 101: How to Upload

YouTube 101: HD Software Tutorial

YouTube 101: All About HD

YouTube 101: Customizing Your Channel

YouTube 101: Private Sharing

Easy Video Project Ideas

Automatic Captions in YouTube Demo

Working @ Youtube: We're hiring!

Welcome to YouTube

YouTube in 3D

Why Have a Channel on YouTube?

Groups 2.0

YouTube Channels 2.0

Michael Buckley's Secrets to YouTube Success

In his own words, YouTube star Michael Buckley ( explains how he manages to make a six-figure salary through YouTube.

We asked you to submit your most pressing questions for him. Over 100 people submitted 84 questions, which were then voted on 1,623 times. Buckley answers the top 10 questions in this video, along with a few more that he hand selected. More details in this blog post:

Here are his top 10 tips:
1. Be patient building an audience -- it takes time
2. Engage with other users
3. Don't try to please the masses
4. Have mentors and role models
5. Be kind and respectful
6. Don't call people "fans"
7. Remember: it's just a video-sharing Web site -- keep things in perspective
8. Do not let praise go to your head or mean comments go to your heart
9. Don't be afraid to change your format
10. Have fun!

Meet The YouTube Symphony Orchestra Some of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra members introduce themselves as they prepare for their journey to Carnegie Hall on April 15, 2009

Creating YouTube Videos with Your Mobile Phone

If your phone has a camera with video capture, you can easily post videos to YouTube that you take with your mobile phone. Visit to learn more.

Watching YouTube Videos on Your Mobile Phone

It's easy to watch YouTube on your mobile phone -- with your phone's browser, go to Go to to learn more.

YouTube Symphony Orchestra: Vote Now! 

Vote for your favourite musician in the YouTube Symphony Orchestra. Voting period starts February 14th and ends February 22nd.

YouTube Captions and Subtitles

Add multiple captions or subtitle tracks to your videos!

About captions and subtitles feature

English script can be found here.

How do you get featured on YouTube?

In this animated short "The Birds and the Biz," Jantze studios finally explains the secret behind getting your work featured by YouTube

The Screening Room - Launch Video

Welcome to the YouTube Screening Room: a platform for films from around the world to find the audiences they deserve.

The Screening Room will connect films and audiences in the world's largest theater, not only providing filmmakers with a much-needed showcase, but also helping you find new high-quality content every two weeks.

In this video, filmmakers Nick Childs & Tiffany Shlain, along with Wholphin DVD editor Brent Hoff and Moby share their thoughts on the potential impact of this new space and the future of film in the digital age.

Tiffany Shlain

Wholphin DVD

Moby Gratis

YouTube News - New Features For Search, Contacts and Inbox

Hey 'Tubers, it's time for another round of site updates. We added some new features to improve searching for videos, inbox and managing your contacts on YouTube. Check it...


A query suggestions option is now available for search. To opt in, click the "advanced" link next to the search button, then choose "Display query suggestions as I type" from the search settings. As you type in your search terms a menu will appear with suggested results to choose from to help you more quickly find the videos you're looking for. On the search results page you'll also get an additional list of recommended searches by clicking on any of the terms listed next to the new "Also try" menu.


To import your Google contacts into YouTube, click "Import" on the "My Contacts" page, then log in to your Google account. Once we've finished importing, click "Share" to easily send a video you're watching to any of your contacts. You can even "friend" your YouTube contacts and we'll help you stay up to date on the videos they're favoriting, rating, and uploading.


Based on your feedback, we've made some improvements to the notifications for video comments in your YouTube Inbox. Comments made to your videos are separated from comments left in response to your comment on someone else's video. The actual text of the comment is also now displayed and you can approve or reject a comment in-line.

Don't forget to share your feedback with us via video, email ( or throw some comments on this here blog:

YouTube News - April Edition

Some very cool new features have just been unveiled on YouTube, check 'em out...


We revamped the video watch page by adding more sharing features and a new streamlined design to the Share, Favorite, Playlists and Flag sections. We now show some top social sharing sites directly on the video watch page, making it easier for you to share your favorite videos with your network. These top sites are also personalized based on your usage - so if you Digg more often than you Facebook, Digg will show up instead. Video comments and responses have also been reorganized into a "Commentary" tab, including thumbnails for video responses and a handy scroll bar for easier navigation. The new "Statistics & Info" tab houses collapsible sections for recent ratings, video honors and sites linking to that video.


New advanced search options are now available anywhere you see a search field on YouTube. Just click "advanced search" to choose the results you want, based on different key word combinations such as exact phrases, all words, excluding certain words, etc.. You can also hone down your results further to find videos matching specific upload criteria like language, category, date uploaded, duration of video, as well as videos uploaded within a specific time period (i.e. "This Month, "This Week" and "Today").


When we launched our multifile uploader for Windows PC users last year, we promised to follow it up with a Mac-friendly version. Now Mac users can download the software and access the Multifile Upload page where you can upload several videos at once. Each video may be up to 10 minutes in length and up to 1GB in size, and all will be available in My Videos after processing.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon,
The YouTube Team

YouTube Awards - Go Vote!

Head over to the YouTube Video Awards channel to start watching and voting for some of the videos that defined '07.

You can vote once per day (though you may not change your vote on the same day) and you have until 11:59pm PT on March 19, 2008, to do 

YouTube News - March Edition

The following features are now appearing on YouTube. Check out the goods...


The visual counter lets you know exactly how many characters you have left before approaching the limit. Now you will always know how many words you can fit in before hitting 'submit'.


You'll notice some new help icons next to features on your account. To see instructions and helpful information related to managing things like your channel design and videos, just hover over the " ? " icons. Click the "read more" link to go directly to the full article related to that particular feature in our Help Center.


We just launched a new experimental personalized YouTube homepage. Check out all the details in our previous blog post: before you opt in to the beta by visiting this page:

And now, we grace you with the stylings of pzottolo in the latest edition of YouTube News.

The Council Checks In

They came, they saw, they conquered! During their visit to YouTube HQ in November, the Community Council had the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas directly with 'Tube staff from various teams and participate in usability studies. Through ongoing discussions with YouTube and beta feature testing (like video recommendations and a new home page design in the works), users bgirl5, bradofarrell, sarrycrey, tlg847, and visiblemode have made great strides in representing the community's voice within the product. 

Check out the blog to get a rundown of features YouTube's Community Council has brought their influence to thus far, as well as what's already in the works:

To continue the cycle of feedback and discussions going between the community, the Council, and YouTube, we invite you to send us your ideas for new features, site improvements, and your input on those listed on the blog to:

Our goal is to continue bringing forth ideas and feedback from you, and the Council, and turn them into actual features on the site which will benefit the overall YouTube community. Rest assured, this group has been working diligently to turn users' suggestions into realities.

This message has been brought to you by your friendly YouTube Community Council.

Until the next update...

YouTube News - December Edition

Check out the latest updates made to YouTube during the wee hours. This list is jam-packed with greatness and some improvements that many of you have been requesting. Enjoy!


We've merged the Categories and Video browse pages into one new, easier-to-navigate home for video search. All the old search options can be found there, along with a new "Spotlight" section that allows you to scroll through featured videos. You'll find some design improvements on the Channels and Community tabs as well.


The Videos tab now includes two new viewing options. Click "Most Active Today" and you'll see the current day's most buzz-worthy titles, which can then be filtered by category. Click "Previously Popular" to find the most-viewed videos from one week ago or one month ago.


YouTube search results now include videos and channels, making it easier for you to access the content you're looking for. When you enter a search term, highly relevant channels may be displayed at the top of the results page.


Our Music section is now broken down into genres such as Rock, Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, Classical, and more. This will make it easier to find and promote all sorts of music videos on the site.


To stay up to date on the searches you check frequently, subscribe to our video browse pages by clicking the RSS link located beneath the categories list.


You can choose any image you want to represent your channel, instead of a video still. Just click the "Upload an image" option on your Account page.


Closed and suspended accounts will now be automatically removed from your subscriptions. If you were subscribed to several closed/suspended accounts, you will notice a one-time large drop in numbers as your list is updated.


Now you can choose whether or not you want to allow users to vote on comments made on your videos (thumbs-up/thumbs-down feature). You can select this under a new "Comment Voting" section for both Upload and Edit Video and sharing options. 

Don't forget to comment here, email us [] or vlog and tell us what you think after poking around these new features.

Take it easy,
The YouTube Team

Partner Program Expands

Recognizing YouTube users for their creativity and their role in building YouTube is of the utmost importance to our team. That's why earlier this year we launched a pilot of the YouTube Partner Program, our way of enabling some of the most popular and prolific original content creators within the YouTube community to earn money from their videos. These partners decide which of their videos they would like to generate revenue on YouTube, and in turn, they receive a portion of the revenue generated from ads that run next to those videos. Even in this limited release, the program has been an amazing success -- already, millions of video views each week are earning revenue for our partners.

But we're just getting warmed up. Today we're announcing that we are expanding the YouTube Partner Program. Now, anyone living in the United States or Canada can apply to become a partner at (We're looking forward to rolling out the program to additional international markets soon.)

We feel it's important to reward our most dedicated community members: those who are regularly uploading original content to YouTube. In evaluating applications, we will focus on the users who have built a significant audience on YouTube (as measured by video views, subscribers, etc.) and who consistently comply with the YouTube Terms of Use.

We previewed this new application process to a select group of users who previously expressed interest in becoming partners -- over 100 of these users have already been added to the program, such as tayzonday, hotforwords, apauledtv, and peteandbrian.

As always, our goal is to provide a forum for people to connect, inform and inspire others across the globe. We hope that by expanding the YouTube Partner Program, more content creators will reap rewards from their work and be able to produce even more of the original videos that have made YouTube so successful.

Users featured in this video:

Meet the Inaugural Community Council

Today marks the first day of a new project aimed at better understanding the needs and wants of our users. The "YouTube Community Council" consists of a handful of volunteers (who will rotate every six months) eager to share their opinions about the site and the
community with us on a consistent basis. They're kicking off their tenure by visiting us in San Bruno over the next few days, giving feedback directly to the team that makes it happen behind the scenes.

You can approach any of our councilors with your thoughts, gripes --
anything at all -- over the next six months, and they will fast-track
your feedback to us. We hope you enjoy this quick video to introduce you to the team...

YouTube Mobile

A promotional video for YouTube mobile. Learn more at:

Bill Clinton talks about the YouTube Nonprofit Program

With Chad, Steve and Larry, President Clinton talks about the YouTube Nonprofit Program.

Thanks to YouTuber theresident for shooting this footage!

The Making of YouTube

video clips from YouTube's early days

YouTube Status Module

Misty, from the YouTube support team, talks about our new project, the Status Module! Check out all the recent Status Module posts at: . This will be used to broadcast any major site issues or new features you should be aware of. When new issues arise, we'll write about them in the blog, which will then feed into a bright red module on the right side of the help center ( ). This module will appear for 24 hours during a system issue and will be updated when it's fixed or if we have more information to share with you. We know you've been waiting for this -- hopefully, it'll help you with any future site issues!

Chad & Steve @ D5

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen spoke at the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conference on Thursday May 31, 2007. All speakers have a video that plays before they take the stage. Chad and Steve decided this would be the perfect time to tell "The Real Story" of how the company was founded. Hope you enjoy.


The YouTube logo

What's New in April

The latest release added many new features. Try them out, tell us what you think!

What's New in March

Summary of site update on 3/28

What's New for February

Powers gives a summary of what we've rolled out this month:


Guest Editor:

Channel Customization:

For more info, see the blog:

Valentine's Day - What Do You Love?

Happy V-Day to all! Here are some of our answers...what do you love the most?

Supervote How-To

Voting is easy! Rank all the Super Bowl ads and tell us which ones are your favorites

Last Day in San Mateo

Our last day in the San Mateo office (and at 3 Bees).

First Day in San Bruno

Our first day in the San Bruno office. What a day it was.

Re: One World

A quick response from the office--some of us took this more seriously than others...

Music created in Garageband.

YouTube Happy New Year

The YouTube staff wishes you a very happy 2007

Powers talks about new features

Hi, my name is Powers and I work as one of the product managers at YouTube. What I do everyday is dream up new features and ways to make current features better. Then, I work with the design and engineering teams to make them real. In this video I talk about features we released Jan 24, 2007!

Hammer Time!

Things are really picking up around here. Not only are we adding servers and bandwidth as fast as we can, we're also pleased to report that last month's kitchen sink upgrade was successfully integrated into the snack area and we hope to have that dirty dishes bug patched shortly.

As if we didn't have enough reasons to be excited, the other night we got a visit from MC HAMMER! Hammer came by the office to lend a hand and showed us the sweet new video for his song Look. While Hammer was here he dropped some serious science about the recording industry and taught us the difference between Hyphy, Thizz and Krumping. Check out the video, it's totally hyphy (see??). We gave him the grand tour and of course shot some video. Be sure to check out our awesome giant-curtain-wall-substitutes and the crazy tribal pattern we pimped our office walls with (it actually represents bandwidth but we all got it tattooed on our ankles anyway).

A Message From Chad and Steve

The YouTube founders talk about the Google acquisition.

YouTube on the tube!

YouTube was featured on "Call for Help with Leo Laporte" by host Amber MacArthur.