18 Nisan 2016 Pazartesi

The Council Checks In


They came, they saw, they conquered! During their visit to YouTube HQ in November, the Community Council had the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas directly with 'Tube staff from various teams and participate in usability studies. Through ongoing discussions with YouTube and beta feature testing (like video recommendations and a new home page design in the works), users bgirl5, bradofarrell, sarrycrey, tlg847, and visiblemode have made great strides in representing the community's voice within the product. 

Check out the blog to get a rundown of features YouTube's Community Council has brought their influence to thus far, as well as what's already in the works: http://www.youtube.com/blog?entry=uzc...

To continue the cycle of feedback and discussions going between the community, the Council, and YouTube, we invite you to send us your ideas for new features, site improvements, and your input on those listed on the blog to: suggestions@youtube.com.

Our goal is to continue bringing forth ideas and feedback from you, and the Council, and turn them into actual features on the site which will benefit the overall YouTube community. Rest assured, this group has been working diligently to turn users' suggestions into realities.

This message has been brought to you by your friendly YouTube Community Council.

Until the next update...


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